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Interactive Sessions

Description: 60 minute interactive presentation tailored to connect research to your context. All BSO reports are available for download here.

Organizations looking to further accelerate their anti-Black racism and equity work will also want to see our Tier 3 offerings in the Execute Actionable Plans section.


  • Explore research findings as they connect to certain subject areas that are particularly relevant to your team, department or organization. For example:
    • Recognizing and tackling tokenism on the screen and beyond. 
    • Working with decision-makers to identify gaps in cultural knowledge that lead to questioning the relevance and under-resourcing  of Black-led projects.
    • The importance of calibrating the distribution of audience measurement instruments to capture urban centres where 50+% of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour Canadians live.
  • Engage in critical inquiry about what the findings mean, and how the report can be used to inform action.
  • Consider how you can be an agent of change (i.e., explore what you can do).

Connect With Us

BSO’s Research & Action Centre is your source for:

  • Evidence-based and data-informed research that goes beyond theory to actionable insights into existing equity gaps and best practices to break down systemic barriers that you can apply to your work and workplace today.
  • Practical workshops that address your organization’s unique needs and help you create clear pathways to advance your equity and anti-Black racism objectives.
  • Opportunities and support to be an effective change agent in eliminating anti-Black racism and improving equity across Canada’s screen industries.

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