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Description: These offerings support individuals and organizations to take tangible action on equity and  anti-Black racism to accelerate change.  Build your proficiency in addressing equity gaps, get support to address specific concerns, and co-create plans of action that will help reshape the Canadian screen industry landscape.

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Half-day or full-day hands-on custom training/working session(s) customized to the needs of your team, department or organization, focused on applying the research directives and recommendations to your scope of work.

  • For example, the BSO and the Shaw Rocket Fund presented hands-on workshops for children’s content creators to learn more about how to implement the Being Seen: Directives for Creating Authentic and Inclusive Content for Children. 
  • BSO engaged  the CBC research department in a custom workshop on research methodologies for surveying diverse audiences used in the Being Counted: Canadian Race-based Audience survey.


  • Build organizational proficiency in applying the directives and recommendations 
  • Examine decision-making and other processes through the lens of the BSO reports
  • Apply the directives and recommendations to address the specific concerns, gaps, challenges, and other issues of an organization
  • Create a tangible, measurable plan of action specific to your organization/set of roles with the support of the BSO

Join our  Anti-Black Racism Training designed specifically for non-Black leaders and mentors in the screen industry. This 1 – 1.5 day  immersive experience provides a safe space to share challenges, learn hands-on anti-racist skills, and collaboratively forge new paths to uplift Black talent.

  • Who’s It For? Industry leaders and mentors, whether from a single company or a cross-industry group.
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  1. Join a Supportive Community: Engage in candid conversations about your challenges and uncertainties in addressing racism within the screen industry.
  2. Master Anti-Racist Tools: Acquire actionable skills and deepen your understanding of key frameworks like intersectionality and positionality.
  3. Turn Insights Into Action: Leave our training equipped to implement impactful anti-racist changes in your organization.

Navigating the intricate layers of producing inclusive and authentic screen-based content? BSO has your back. Whether you’re a producer, funder, or broadcaster, we’ve designed a detailed guide to help you establish a Community Engagement Plan for both Development and Production phases. This tool serves as a roadmap for you to meaningfully engage with communities that your project impacts, ensuring that your work resonates with authenticity and depth. From mission statements and research practices to addressing sensitive content and hiring specialized expertise, this guide outlines the nitty-gritty of what your engagement plan should entail. Tailored for projects at various stages of development, our document encourages an ongoing commitment to impactful storytelling, offering the flexibility for you to meet specific funder or broadcaster requirements. So go ahead, make your storytelling not just compelling, but also inclusive and true to the communities you portray.

“Considerations for Writing Engagement Plans” are available for download here. 

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  1. Standardize Guidelines: Establish a uniform set of practices for Community Engagement Plans to create industry-wide consistency.
  2. Ensure Authenticity: Promote meaningful engagement with represented communities to achieve authentic storytelling and representation.
  3. Enable Adaptation: Create a living document that evolves through community feedback, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness in guiding inclusive content creation.

Based on key research, the BSO Career Accelerator aims to elevate Black professionals into decision-making roles in Canada’s screen industries. We’re tackling systemic barriers head-on.

Participants: The program is targeted at newly hired or promoted mid-career Black professionals in fields like HR, programming, marketing, and more, with employers also actively participating to support growth and inclusion.

Approach: This 6-8 month program provides hands-on experiences, internal mentors, and supplemental training. A BSO-appointed Black coach offers additional support.

Partnership: Join us to fill a vital gap in developing mid-career Black talent and to be at the forefront of equity and inclusion initiatives.


  1. Increase Representation: To significantly elevate the number of Black professionals in decision-making and influential roles within Canada’s screen industries.
  2. Skill Enhancement: To provide targeted experiences and mentorship that enable mid-career Black professionals to gain the necessary skills for advancement, such as relationship building with senior management and specialized training in areas like anti-Black racism.
  3. Industry Transformation: To drive change by partnering with organizations committed to equity, thereby dismantling systemic barriers in hiring, funding, and development practices.

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BSO’s Research & Action Centre is your source for:

  • Evidence-based and data-informed research that goes beyond theory to actionable insights into existing equity gaps and best practices to break down systemic barriers that you can apply to your work and workplace today.
  • Practical workshops that address your organization’s unique needs and help you create clear pathways to advance your equity and anti-Black racism objectives.
  • Opportunities and support to be an effective change agent in eliminating anti-Black racism and improving equity across Canada’s screen industries.

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